730 CZK


ACHILLES is smart and agile.
He looks around to see where the enemy is, throws his sword from hand to hand and fights like a lion. Few have the courage to stand in his way.


Achilles was a Greek demigod. Achilles was a disciple of the wise centaur Cheiron, from whom he learned the best manners and training. Apparently he was one of the best warriors of antiquity. He fought in many battles. The most famous was the Trojan War, where he fought with Hector. The Trojan War became fatal for Achilles. He was struck by an arrow in his only vulnerable spot - his left heel. Therefore this spot is called the Achilles' heel.

SIZE (w x h x l)
8 x 19 x 5.5 cm
beechwood, the inner rotatable system of brass
Manufacturer - KUTULU
Made in Czech Republic