1330 CZK


CHEIRÓN is the oldest, very noble and wise.
He does not like fighting, but takes his sword and act when required. His beautiful hair flows here and there in battle. He shakes his head at NESSOS the centaur.


Cheirón was a centaur, half horse and half man. Centaurs were extremely wild, no one dared to saddle them, and to be able to sit on one was a great honor. Cheiron was exceptional. He was the oldest of centaurs, very noble and wise. He knew medicine, music and divination. That's why he became a teacher of famous heroes. He led them to cultivate physical fitness, taught them horseback riding, archery, wrestling, running and other skills. His most famous student was the hero Achilles.

SIZE (w x h x l)
21 x 26 x 11.5 cm
beechwood, the inner rotatable system of brass
Manufacturer - KUTULU
Made in Czech Republic