730 CZK


SPARTAN begins his training early in the morning. He loves building the muscles that saves him in battle. He stretches his arms. One, two. One, two. He puts his sword to one side during his exercises.


Spartan soldiers were best warriors of Greece. Men in Sparta spent their entire life training military crafts. The boys began to prepare for a military life at an early age. Spartan upbringing was very strict and the soldiers were able to fight like lions. They were famous for their courage and enthusiasm. The hero Achilles was on their side during the Trojan War. They built the Trojan horse and used it as a shelter and a tool for making unprecedented deceit against Trojan soldiers. The Greeks were also called Danaos. Therefore, we use the phrase "a gift from Danaos" for something unwanted.

SIZE (w x h x l)
8 x 19 x 5.5 cm
beechwood, the inner rotatable system of brass
Manufacturer - KUTULU
Made in Czech Republic