Czech wooden toys with narratives for children and their parents in search of quality and tradition.

8. 4. 2022 • LILI the bird is here

Say hello to the latest addition to our bird squad. LILI is a pink birdie who never gets bored. He can spin, turn his head, and wh...
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30. 11. 2021 • Christmas with KUTULU

We send Christmas packages until December 16. You will find us in our Lobster showroom until December 19. From December 20 to Jan...
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Our toys are made from local sources in the Czech Republic.


We mix traditional craft with up-to-date tech to promote material saving.

We focus on quality and track the origins of our raw material.

KUTULU is all about joy, playfulness, imagination and discovery. Drawing on bold colours and distinct geometric shapes, the wooden toys are largely inspired by movement. The horses are easy riders, the PI-PI birds can rock back and forth, the swans and doves from the pilot series are literally on a roll. That's "KUTULU" in Czech – which is where the name came from. • KUTULU toys are created for our little ones as well as the slightly bigger ones. However, people of all ages can enjoy them as decorative objects. • KUTULU was created by a Czech-Slovak team of designers and friends: Pavla, Tereza, Eduard, and Martin. A bunch of nifty dreamers who founded the brand in 2015 and have been finding joy in it ever since.

Their portfolio includes bubbly birdies, stout stallions, and designs based on classical mythology. Pegasi, centaurs, unicorns, soldiers, even a Trojan horse. All of these make up the MYTHO collection, introducing children to the world of Greek legends and myths. Travel back to ancient times and become heroes in the battle of good vs. evil. • Meanwhile, your youngest might appreciate the BRIKULO construction set. Stack two blocks to build a tower! Then, a fence for the horses or a pretty little house. When the kids grow older, they can learn about fractions and geometry using the very same set.

All KUTULU toys are certified and meet safety requirements specified by EU legislation.


POPI and PEPA are two friends who roll together. Do they ever get tired? Never! ORTUS the horse always keeps up, waiting for the birdie's next adventure. He likes to carry them on his back, to and fro. And when the sky gets dark and mommy calls, he'll take them home. ORTUS & NOXUS are a dynamic duo, too. Things might get wild, but they're nice at heart. Fast as lightning and swift and strong. Ready, steady – GO! Who's gonna win the race?


wooden bird Popi
wooden toy Pepa
wooden toy Ortus